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Why is Gut Health so Important?

We’ve all been told at one point or another that a healthy gut is responsible for lifting our energy levels and improving overall general health, but why do we place so much emphasis on maintaining balanced digestive health? Over the years, many Australians have suffered from symptoms such as reflux, regurgitation, a feeling of nausea and even abdominal pain. These can occur regularly or intermittently, after eating and the severity varies according to each individual.

A gastroscopy performed by your gastroenterologist can determine if there is problem that is causing your pain and will therefore offer treatment accordingly. There are simple solutions that can offer relief of mild symptoms, including dietary and lifestyle changes. For more complicated issues, there is an array of medical supplements that can be prescribed in order to achieve a balanced gut. With continued use, you may be able to resolve the symptoms you are experiencing and improve overall general being, preventing more sinister health problems from occurring in the future like GI diseases or IBD. In turn, body functionality will enhance with proper absorption of essential nutrients which will also aid digestion.

If you are suffering from any gut related symptoms, make an appointment with your gastroenterologist to discuss a course of treatment that will work to maintain a healthy gut and balanced lifestyle.

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Client Testimonial

“After being a patient of Dr Engelman's for over ten years, I can say I have found one of the best doctors there is. He is thorough, proactive and consistently up to date. Always making me feel at ease, I would recommend Dr Engelman to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate gastroenterologist.”

- Chris, Crohn's Patient