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How Important is Bowel Preparation for a Colonoscopy?

Did you know that bowel preparation is paramount when your Gastroenterologist is completing your colonoscopy? Your doctor will prescribe a specific dose that is recommended for you to take in order to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and that your doctor has a clear visualisation to detect and diagnose any abnormalities found in your bowel. Different patients prefer different brands of bowel preparation including Picoprep, Glycoprep and Moviprep. Sometimes extra preparation is needed if previous procedures aren’t completed with the best outcome, or depending on the time of procedure, you may need to take a dose the morning of your colonoscopy.


As most of us choose to use a digital platform to perform daily tasks, a company has launched an app that helps patients understand the importance of bowel preparation and guides them, using Picoprep, through the process of a colonoscopy. From the start of their low residue diet through to when the bowel preparation needs to be taken, the app can help with the understanding of how Picoprep works and the formulation you need to successfully complete your prep. The BowelPrepPal app is another option to consider, to guarantee that all the appropriate doses are taken and at the right times.


It is important to take the total volume of the bowel preparation as prescribed by your Gastroenterologist, as it is equally important to keep up a variety of clear fluids the day before the procedure. By doing this, both you and your doctor can effectively achieve the main goal of your colonoscopy.


Who should consider a colonoscopy?

Patients with the following conditions should consider a colonoscopy; Rectal...

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