Due to the review of the COVID-19 restrictions, we are still providing our normal services.
However, we do require proof of a COVID vaccination certificate in order to attend the rooms for your consultation.
One vaccination and a negative COVID screening test will also allow an in-person consult.
Otherwise, telehealth services are still available for any patient who prefers not to attend the rooms. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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Am I a Suitable Candidate for Pill Capsule Endoscopy?

It is estimated that approximately 1.1 million Australians will suffer from Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) at some point in their life.  Some causes may include inadequate dietary intake (not including enough iron in your diet), the inability to absorb iron, exercise and blood loss i.e heavy menstrual cycle and blood donations. One way to diagnose iron deficiency is through a blood test and to help determine a definite cause, your GP can refer you onto a Gastroenterologist, who if deems necessary, can perform a Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy. If these investigations are normal, further testing may be required.

To further establish the ideology of iron deficiency, Pill Capsule Endoscopy is one of the options to consider. With only a small amount of preparation, the Pill Capsule can determine any abnormalities or bleeding which could be causing anaemia. It doesn’t require any time out of your day and patients are then free to go home or to work.

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What are the common problems evaluated by a gastroenterologist?

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Client Testimonial

“The care, attention and medical knowledge that I receive, for both my daughter and I, from Dr Engelman is exceptional. He is very professional and informative with our diagnosis and treatment options to achieve the best results .”

- Hanan McCrea, longstanding patient